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Health and Beauty - Phytobotanica

Phytobotanica (UK) Ltd

Greens Barn
Greens Lane
L31 4HZ

Tel: +44 (0)1695 420853


The Farm
Phytobotanica UK Ltd is the first Organic Essential Oil Farm and Essential Oil Crop Research Centre in the EU based on Merseyside in the UK. The farm is registered with the UK Soil Association Licence number - G4916 for the growing and processing of organic lavender (three species), Roman chamomile, German chamomile and peppermint essential oils and the organic hydrosols from these crops. The farm also has Soil Association Licence No. - H7677 for health and beauty care products.

Phytobotanica was established over ten years ago following eight years of university research and development. Our research covered essential oil plant botanical authentication and classification, biology, physiology, cytology, histology, biochemistry, essential oil extraction, essential oil analysis (using gas-chromatography/mass-spectroscopy) and chemistry.

Essential oil crops are grown from botanically-authenticated seeds to ensure that the oils are of the highest quality. We grow three lavenders (all angustifolias) called Ashdown Forest, Peter Pan and Princess Blue and our crop plants have been sourced from the UK National Lavender Collection in Kent.

Currently we sell over twenty five different lavender plants from the Phytobotanica Centre and all plants have been chosen to withstand UK weather conditions. We also grow over fifteen different lavenders in our Herb Garden and numerous other essenetial oil plants (eucalyptus, bay, geranium, rose, mint, melissa, hyssop, valerian, yarrow, lemongrass, monarda, rosemary) which we use for educational events and open days.

Phytobotanica continues unique research and development to support all industries, including Aromatherapy, using high-quality essential oils.

Phytobotanica Centre
Today, the Phytobotanica Centre sells the unique organic essential oils from this farm, organic hydrosols, over seventy high-quality (and genuine) essential oils sourced by us from growers around the globe, carrier oils, base products and scientific glassware. We have created an exclusive range of personal-care products incorporating our unique organic essential oils and also sell lavender plants, herb plants (and seeds), organic vegetable seeds and chamomile lawns.
Peppermint essential oil being removed from the distillation apparatus

The Phytobotanica Centre delivers unique aromatherapy education (e.g. A Day On The Farm), themed events (e.g. Lavender Day) and seasonal open days for thousands of people who visit the farm each year. Hygeia School of Holistic Therapies is now at the Phytobotanica Centre and will be undertaking Courses for CPD and CPPD from Autumn 2007. We will post these events onto our calander in the near future.

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Last update : 19/04/2008 @ 20:26
Category : Health and Beauty
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