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Gardening - Just Green


Just Green

Unit 14
Springfield Road Industrial Estate
Burnham-on-Crouch Essex
United Kingdom

Tel: 01621 785088
Fax: 01621 783800

Just Green was founded in the year 2000 to provide products that improve and protect the environment. Our first aim was to provide non-toxic and safe pest control for gardeners.This is acheived by offering the most complete range of Biological control and Natural pest control products with supporting advice and information on their application.

Our expertise and product range is not restricted to pest control. Just Green has now widened its product range to include environmentally friendly products for the home and garden, products that help preserve and protect our environment, helping us to enjoy nature and a healthy life style without damaging our surroundings. Removing and reducing the amount of toxic chemicals from the home and garden has clear health benefits to humans and wildlife.

Just Green follows these guiding principals;

* Products must be effective and easy to us
* Products should not contain toxic chemical ingredients
* Timber based products must be sourced from sustainable timber plantations
* Plastic products should be sourced from recycled sources
* Products should be re-usable or recycled where possible

Just Green aims to provide;

* Quality environment friendly products
* Value for money
* Fast delivery service with multiple delivery days per week
* Informed and instructive information on products
* Polite and efficient customer service
“To care for the environment and enhance it through biological means”

About Our Products

All our products are safe FOR children, wildlife, pets and plant life.They are effective, non toxic and safe to use. We TAKE CARE TO choose products WHICH will have no negative effects on the environment both through their manufacture OR use.

Just Green IS WELL KNOWN AS a leading supplier of natural pest control and natural gardening products. We are now extending our green philosophy to all areas of the household and to personal care and hygiene.

It is VERY important to reduce and eliminate any toxic chemicals we use in the HOME and also IN any we apply to ourselves. About 60% of all the substances our skin comes into contact with, ARE absorbed. Many of the household cleaners and shampoos we use end up going down the drain and can impact on the outside environment. Over the next few months our website will start to include many new exciting natural product lines. Click on the product categories at the top and side of the page to view our extensive natural product range.

Biological control and Natural pest control remain a key area of expertise for Just Green. Our range is the most comprehensive available to Green gardeners. IT includes nematodes and other natural enemies for pests such as; Slugs, Vine Weevil, Red Spider mite, Thrips, Aphid, Whitefly, Mealybug, Scale insect, Caterpillar, Chafer Grub, Fungus fly, Leatherjacket and many others. Pests can be trapped with sticky traps or pheromone traps and wasps caught in the Just wasp trap. Beneficial insects, birds and animals can be encouraged to establish in gardens with our crafted wooden habitat range. The Just Green website also contains more than just product information, click on the pest identification link on the home page and find out more about the pests that maybe causing you a problem or subscribe to receive the latest natural product news with our e-mail newsletter.

Teaching children about nature is important to Just Green and our educational range includes; Ladybird and Butterfly breeding kits and a wide range of books, charts and posters. Children and adults can learn about natural composting with our composting range, which includes Composting bins and Composting worms. Taking care of birds is essential for a natural garden and environment. Just Green supply Bird houses, Bird food and live mealworms for feeding birds. From seeds to composting to Septic tank treatments, Just Green has the Green solution.

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Last update : 07/03/2009 @ 18:25
Category : Gardening
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