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Producers UK - Acorn Dairy


Acorn Dairy

Tel: 01325 466999

Acorn Dairy is a young business, which only started deliveries of organic milk and cream in July 2000. The Tweddle family have a strong tradition of milk delivery in the Darlington area. Charlie Tweddle started the first milk round in 1930 and now the Tweddle family proudly continue that tradition.

The business has a unique standing in the North of the country and it is difficult to find similar outlets in the U.K. who are able to supply a full range of organic milk and cream, i.e. whole milk/semi skimmed milk both in half, one and two litre containers and skimmed milk in half and one litre containers. The cream is available as single, double and whipping, all in quantities of 5oz, 10oz, half litre, one litre and two litre containers.

The milk is delivered by our seven-strong delivery team of Simon, Kevin, Terry, Joe, Andrew (Full-Time) and Alistair and George (Part-Time).

They deliver milk and our other product lines to each customer three times a week, the days depending on the area but in any event six mornings a week between six rounds.

The office is run by Tracy who has become the voice of Acorn Dairy and is usually the person customers first speak to when phoning the office. Linda and Caroline provide holiday cover and help in the office at busy times.

All Acorn milk and cream comes from our herd of cows and is only subject to the very minimum of processing. This ensures that the milk retains more of it's natural flavour. Our sales of skimmed milk are two to three times more than other dairies in proportion to the total volume. We are informed by our customers that our organic skimmed milk has a richer flavour.

As well as milk and cream, bread and eggs are also delivered on the milk rounds. The bread and bakery products are produced by a dedicated organic bakery, the Larchfield Bakery in Cleveland. Transport costs are kept in check by sharing and utilising return journeys from delivery of our dairy products, which enables us to return with the bakery products for our customers. The organic eggs we supply are Soil Association certified organic free range and are sourced from small-scale egg producers, through Hi Peak Organic Foods.

We also stock a variety of the well-known Yeo Valley organic yoghurt range, including virtually fat-free multipacks and children's multipacks.

Acorn also stocks Abbey Well mineral waters in a variety of flavours, which include plain, mandarin, strawberry, black cherry, peach and pear. The natural mineral water is available as still or carbonated.
Due to popular request from our customers for organic poultry we have now sourced a company, Sheepdrove Organic Farm where we are able to purchase organic poultry produce. Our aim is to place an order each month on behalf of our customers. Looking ahead to Christmas time we would welcome suggestions of items for organic hampers.

Creation date : 25/07/2007 @ 11:09
Last update : 14/10/2009 @ 16:43
Category : Producers UK
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